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As the name already suggests it reflects the fact that the group is dedicated to the Oberkrainer music.
'Oberkrainerherz' consists of musicians that did win their spurs in folk music for some time already.

The group presents itself in the habitual Oberkrainer setting; trumpet, clarinet, accordion, guitar and bass (baritone), supplemented with two vocalists.
With this group the Oberkrainerherz guarantees a nice piece of music at a great level.

The Oberkrainer music became known world-wide with the 'Slavko Avsenik', especially the well-known 'Trompeten-echo' or 'Trumpet echo'.
This music is popularly often called Tyrolean music, connoisseurs know that this is not the case as the Oberkrainer music has a style of its own.

The group is not restricted to this style only as we also have 'schlagers' (hits), Tyrolean music and 'Stimmungsmusik' (mood music) on our repertoire.
Oberkrainerherz is delighted to let you get acquainted with the entire repertoire the orchestra might offer you and wants you to contact us in order to make your event a resounding success!